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Our Process

Design Consultation

We begin every project with an in-depth Design Consultation. It is imperative for us to understand exactly what the client is looking to achieve from their project. This stage is critical for us to ensure we create beautiful homes which are individually tailored to the clients needs.

Stage 1 3D Visualisation

 A great starting point for most of our projects is the 3D visualisation service. This allows us to collaborate with the client to optimise each and every space in the house, to ensure it works well on both a functional and aesthetic level. We take time to understand our clients and really get to know how they want each room in their home to work. We work from architects plans and to scale. Once we have finalised the 3D visual, it can then act as a blueprint for your entire project. 

Stage 2 Interior Design

We offer a complete interior design service. We work closely with our clients to create design schemes for each room including all elements required in the space. Our mood boards showcase the design concept helping the client establish the design scheme aesthetic. 


We also offer the following services

  • Bespoke wardrobes, carpentry and joinery services.
  • Curtains, blinds and soft furnishings
  • Furniture, wallpaper and fabric supply

We work to the clients budget. By the end of this stage the client will have a very clear idea with regards to the design scheme of the room and all elements within the space.

Stage 3 Project Management

We offer a complete Project Management Service. Once the Design Scheme has been established we can proceed to the implementation of the scheme. We work closely with the clients and trades to ensure that all works are carried out and implemented to specification.  This includes conducting frequent site visits to ensure that all works are progressing according to plan.

It is imperative for us to provide a seamless service in all aspects of the work. Including troubleshooting and resolving issues quickly and effectively and in the clients’ best interest.

We work with the trades and other third-party suppliers to ensure the smooth running of all work from conception to completion of the project.