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Living Room and Entrance

The clients of this property were struggling to make the entrance and living rooms work for them as a family. They were also struggling for storage in their home. They loved music, reading and relaxing but were finding it difficult to incorporate all these needs witihin the space. The entrance was a good size but had lost its function. The living room was also a good size but due to its shape it was hard to create a focal point. We were commissioned to help make both areas work for them. With the entrance we created a stud wall which allowed us to then create a beautiful storage cupboard. Within the cupboard we added LED lights which came on everytime the doors open and downlights inside and out. Not only did this unit provide function but it gave a beautiful aesthetic to the entrance. With the living room we created three zones. The living/tv zone, the snug/music zone and the reading zone. We created cabinetry to compliment these spaces. The clients wanted to keep their existing sofas . We added wide slat wooden venetian blinds to continue the contemporary look.