Vanessa McCallum – Owner of Vanessa McCallum Estates, Hertfordshire.

"My company has required the services of Sai Interiors on several occasions in the past, the latest being a project in Brookmans Park. The vendor has been trying to sell the property for a while and decided ‘Style to Sell’ would be the best way to freshen up the house without spending too much money.
The house has been completely transformed and my client is extremely happy with the results. When we re-took the pictures it was like a completely different property. I do not anticipate any problems in selling this home in the near future." See results here

January 2015

"I have used Sai Interiors style for sale service. The house in question was vacant, sparse and struggling to sell. Saima went in with her flair and lots of colour, making the house look inviting. Both my client and I found this to be a very affordable and effective solution for selling this property, and within a short time I received several offers and have now sold this property. I would not hesitate in recommending Saima. She is reliable, trustworthy and passionate about her job."

July 2012









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