Mrs S Spyrou, Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire.

"Saima has been helping me to re-decorate and re-configure the layout of the ground floor of my house in Brookmans Park. Together we have designed the interiors for the study, the hall and the living room. Saima has sourced some very unsual and contemporary wall coverings for these rooms from very reasonably priced suppliers. She combines colour schemes which flow well throughout the house and has made some excellent suggestions regarding furniture and lighting. It has been very reassuring working with someone who has up to the minute information regarding the latest products and materials available on the market. She is creative as well as professional and always delivers within given time schedules. Saima is a very warm, enthusiastic and friendly person which has made the whole process most enjoyable. I recommend Sai Interiors to anyone planning new builds, preparing their property for re-sale or renovating their existing homes or commercial properties."







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