Style For Sale Service

At Sai Interiors we also offer an extremely effective ‘Style for Sale’ service. This service enables you to maximise the market value and appeal of your property.
With our unique combination of knowledge, skill and experience in renovating and dressing properties in preparation for sale, the service we offer can even increase the value of your home.
It's a tried and tested formula and we aim to achieve the highest possible value for your property.
With our fresh perspective and trained eye we can transform your home and put it ahead of the rest.
This service is provided at very little cost and ensures that any money spent will yield a significant return!

Initial one hour consultation is FREE!

TESTIMONIAL - "Sai Interior's "Style For Sale" service was fast, efficient and extremely effective! The client didn't have to drop the price of the property to get the result he wanted. I would highly recommend this service to anyone thinking of putting their house on the market, or as an alternative to dropping the price of the property.Saima's warmth,passion for the job and professionalism made working with her a truly enjoyable experience!"
Carolyn Harvey, Manager, Statons Estate Agents Brookmans Park.

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